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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 19, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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67 franklin street and waiting for authoritiesnd nab him. we are waiting for the president and expecting him in a matter of minutes. we are working to get more information from authorities about what went on here in watertown tonight. it's 10:00 on the east coast. 7:00 p.m. on the west coast. i'm shepard smith in watertown, massachusetts. this is continuing coverage of the aftermath of the boston bombings. now, the capture of the second of two suspect who right now is at masses general hospital and said to be in serious condition. you are on the record with greta van susteren will begin shortly. a first of matter of hearing from the president of united states that is expected do speak the white house. ed, do we expect to learn anything more here or is this a thank you to all? >> i think it will be a thank you. the president spoke emotionally after the terror attack and came out tuesday morning as well but gave little information he didn't bank account to get great
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detail on it. he didn't want to step on the investigation on the ground but you bet he will be relieved this has been taken care afternoon the early stages. we have to caution there have been reports tonight about other places being searched. this investigation is sill unfolding even as at least the second susct has been taken into custody alive. there is still obviously a lot we do not know, but you can bet the president is not going to couple tonight and give us a point by point bulletin about what we know so far in the investigation. he is letting the f.b.i. take the lead on that. it's an opportunity to examine express the relief he feels and thank local, state and federal level and also speak to the nation after the terror attack to reassure the nation what we have been through which has been a difficult two days o days. >> shep: especially for for people here. they had this news conference
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probably around 15 to 7:00 as it ended and lifted the shelter in order place across boston. to say the town was shut down is under estimation. we have crew 16 to 18 people downtown to bring you the fox report. they're was no food, no stores open. mass pike looked like it was deserted. the trip from the rport to the area where the bombing happened took less than ten minutes. that was without speeding. i don't know of a bostoan could find that happen at 4:00 in the morning, much less 5:00 in the afternoon on a friday. everybody had participated and everybody had sheltered in place and authorities said we had hoped as we searched the area going house to house looking in the important inches front and everywhere where they could search and found absolutely nothing. an enormous question how this
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19-year-old man whom they thought was injured -- we had gotten reports that we believe to be true that in fact he had been injured and had left blood on the scene. we'll learn more how that went down in the moments to come. stations across the nation will be joining me on my network and fox broadcast network. let's pause for a moment while they do. . . >> shep: good evening, we interrupt coverage to bring you the president of the united states on the heels of the announcement of second of two arrests in the case of the boston marathon. tonight authorities, the mayor of boston and the governor of massachusetts the police chief and so many dignitaries said
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they found the 19-year-old suspect underneath a tarp at 67 water street in their boat covered up and bleeding. he had been injured we now know and fire fight with police when the older brother who was suspect number one died. he took the vehicle in which they had a shootout as they threw bombs and hand grenades at police. second suspect is said to have backed over his own brother and took off. this afternoon in the late afternoon a resident here of watertown, about ten minutes by car from the site where the bombing happened, called police to say i see blood in my shed. i've lifted up a tarp and there is man bleeding underneath there. authorities came and tried to talk him out. he exchanged gunfire with them. he was, indeed, armed. eventually authorities surrounded him and eventually
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able to take him into custody. he is injured and being taken to the hospital tonight. he is at mass general hospital for us this evening. we will bl able to learn much more as the president steps forward. >> the nation is in to people of massachusetts. bostonians responded are resolve and determination. as partners in citizens and partners in this investigation. boston police and state police and local police across the commonwealth of massachusetts responded with professionalism and bravery over five long days. tonight because of their determined efforts we've closed an important chapter in this tragedy. i've been briefed earlier this evening by f.b.i. director mueller after the attacks on monday, i directed the full resources of the federal government to be made available to help state and local authorities in the investigation
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and to increase security as needed. over the past week, close coordination among federal, state and local officials, sharing information and moving swiftly to track down leads has been critical to this effort. they all worked as they should as a team. we are extremely grateful for that. we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all of our professionals. these men and women risk their lives to keep us safe. this week they showed they never know what to expect. our thoughts with those that wounded in pursuit of the suspects. we also send our prayers to the collier family who grieved the loss of their son and brother shawn. he was born to be a police officerd his chief. he was just 26 years old. as his family has said he died
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bravely in the line of duty doing what he committed his life doing, serving and protecting others. so we're grateful to him. obviously, there are many unanswered questions. among them, why did young men who grew up and studied here as part off you are community and country resort on to such violence. how did they plan a carry out these attacks. did they receive any help. the families of those killed deserve answers. the wounded, some of whom now have to learn how to stand and walk and live again deserve answers. so ivan cabrera instructed the f.b.i. and our intelligence community to continue to deploy all the necessary resources to support the investigation, to collect intelligence and to protect our citizens.
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we will determine what happened. we will investigate any associations these terrorists may have had, and we'll continue to do whatever we have to do to keep our people safe. one thing we do know whatever hateful agenda drove these men to such heinous acts cannot prevail. what they thought they could ultimately achieved,hey have already failed. they failed because the people of boston refus to be intimidated. they failed becauseas americans we refuse to be terrorized. they failed because we will not waver from the character and compassion and values that define us a as our country. nor will we break the bonds that hold us together as americans. that american spirit includes staying true to the unity and diversity that makes us strong. like no other nation in the
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world. in this age of instant reporting tweets and blogs, there is a temptation to latch on any bit of information, sometimes to jump could conclusions, but when a tragedy like this happens with public safety at risk and the stakes so high it's important that we do this right. that is why we have investigations. that is why we relentlessly gather the facts. that is why we have courts. that is why we take care of not to rush to judgment, not about the motivations of these individuals, certainly not about entire groups of people. after all, one of the things that makes america the greatest nation on earth and one of things that makes boston such a great city is we welcome people from all around the world, people of every faith, every ethnicity from every corner of
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the globe. as we continue to learn more about why and how the tragedy happened, let's make sure we sustain that spirit. tonight we think of all the wounded still struggling to recover, certainly we think of crystal campbell, we think of lynn su lu and we think of little martin richard. their lives reflected all the diversity and beauty of our country and they were sharing a great american experiences together. finally, let me say that even so much attention has been focused on the tragic events in boston, understandably we've seen a tight-knit community in texas devastated by a terrible explosion. i wanted them to know that they are not forgotten. our thoughts and our prayers are with the people of west texas
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where so many good people lost their lives, some lost their homes. many are injured. many are still missing. i talked to governor perry and the mayor and i pledged that the people there will have the resources they need to recover and rebuild. i want everybody in texas know we will follow through with those commitments. all and all, it's been a tough week, but we've seen the character of our country once more. as president i'm confident that we have the courage and resilience and the spirit to overcome these challenges and to go forward. as one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. thank you all very much everybody. >> shep: speaking this evening at the white house on the heels of the arrest of second of two suspects in the boston marathon
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bopping. the suspect was found nound a boat covered in a blue tarp could in someone's backyard. the homeowner will be greta van susteren's guest coming up on the record with greta van susteren on the fox news channel on satellite and cable. for the journalists here, i'm shepard smith in watertown, mass. continuing coverage on the fox news channel and as i mentioned, greta with special guests. our coverage continues in watertown. we will be live throughout the evening and into the early morning hours. greta, over to you in boston. >> greta: lots of news coming in and then another hour with shepard smith. more information because there is so many unanswered questions. good news, he is captured. boston marathon bombing suspect is in police custody. just a few moments ago, this picture came into fox news
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channel. you can see the bloody suspect in an ambulance. police say the suspect has been hiding in a boat. that bet on stored outside a watertown home. robert is the son of the homeowner. he joins us. thank you for joining us, robert. >> hi, how are you? >> greta: tell me exactly what happened? >> well, speaking on behalf of the family most important thing, there was a period of time we the family didn't know exactly what was transpiring. it was just like you had pointed out. there is so much information coming in. we actually were notified by a friend that there was a franklin street home on the television. of course, i spun 180 degrees to the television to see my mother's and stepfather's home there were w the boat that the suspect was found in.
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immediate horror just swept through me. i broke down crying because we tried to call the phone was busy for almost 30 straight minutes. we tried cellphones. neither one of david nor my mother was picking the phone up. my sister was ecstatic. it was absolutely horror because we were seeing the bullets, gunfire erupt on franklin street. finally as i left my home to go to my father's house to see if i could find why no one was picking cellphones up or why we couldn't figure out where anybody was, my sister notified me that my mother had contacted her and she and david were both safe. they had been evacuated after, you know, david had come across the suspect in the boat.
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apparently the actually what happened, as soon as the ban on going outside and staying in the home was lifted, they kind of went out. my mother's health is ailing. that is why i'm speaking on behalf of the family to respect their privacy. they went out into the backyard on a beautiful boston day after a long winter, david walked around, the wind had picked up. the tarp on the boat as you've described had kind of lifted where he found strange. he went over for a closer look. he found a strap that had been cut, it had been deliberately cut. he was kind of strange about the whole thing. noticed blood in this area, then he took a little stepladder that he uses to enter and exit the boat, he went under the tarp, saw a small pool of blood.
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looked forward and because the tarp obscured a lot of sunlight. he saw what he believed to be at the time a crumbled body bloodied in the front of the boat. immediately panicked, he dropped off the ladder, called 911 with all of the swat and police presence. they descended on him. they immediately evacuated him. that is why their cellphones were left behind. whether or not they had the phone line had been cut, we don't know that. the phone line was busy. that is why we weren't able to find him for a 40-minute period. they are safe. that is most important thing. most important thing now is that the suspect has been apprehended. it's a shame it had to unfurl in the backyard of my parents.
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nobody plans this. it's not like a lot a lottery ticket. >> greta: good news that your mother and stepfather are fine. there is a lot of applauding when it happened. did your stepfather say anything to him in the boat, or did he say anything back to his stepfather? >> there was no communication between the two of us to verify what was said if things were said, what took place. knowing my stepfather very well and loving him for many years, he is very quiet man in general. he is kept to himself. he probably, again this is an assumption, peeked his head into his boat, his beloved prize other than my mom. saw the pool of blood. again, what's taken place all day, via the media 24 hours of
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nonstop. one, two, three he knew exactly what was going on. he dropped out of boat and his first instinct was 911, no conversation. knowing that gunshots had been fired and people had been shot early in the morning. an innocent police officer had been shot and killed for no reason. unfortunate losses at the finish line, senseless. knowing him he dropped off the ladder and called 911. >> greta: how far was the shooting early this morning from your stepfather and your mother's home? >> without walking the actual distance, it was less than three-eighths of a mile. >> greta: good news is they are fine. he is? custody. robert, thank you very much for joining us.
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>> thank you. >> greta: we're now joined with my colleague shepard smith live in watertown. i don't know if you have seen this picture. there is an ap picture of the suspect in custody. he looks like he has blood all over his face. it may be the coloring of it. it looks like he is brutal. nothing to match the shape he has left a lot of other people in? >> certainly not. frankly we were set up to be broadcasting from another location. i can't see the television at the moment. it's my understanding that he was injured last night or in the overnight hours, early morning hours today when they had that fire fight with police. the details of that are really chilling. that a 26-year-old police officer lost his life the worst of it all. consider these two men in this vehicle throwing first a bomb out the window at police. another of those pressure cooker bombs that was filled with the
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same sort of ingredients that killed and injured so many people at boston marathon. threw that out the window and pressure cooker top came off and it wasn't able to do the kind of damage. throwing homeme hand grenades at them and now i'm able to see the pictures. we don't know the details of his condition. i can tell last night when it was going down, he was unbelievably chaotic scene. to think he backed up the vehicle over his older brother and then locked down this city in the way they haven't seen in the history of thi city. bostonians staying at home and hoping they could find the man. when they finally did, there are the pictures of him, here is the one, of course, on the right-hand side of the screen. and needs the blue tarp in the boat yet able to exchange fire with police as they had him completely surrounded. he fought to the very last minute.
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no officers were injured as he did tonight were. there other unexploded ordinance tonight? we don't believe so. now, we're waiting to find out on his condition. he is in the hospital in serious condition that these are not life-threatening injuries. he may beten up but the hope is he can talk so we can learn more about what cause him to go on this incredible rampage. greta: we have many hours of coverage and new information is coming in. we'll hear later fro his sister. it's extraordinary these two young men, we don't know the motive they have j the unthinkable to this city, killing three people at marathon and it appears like an execution of a police officer. don't forget oall thees that have been lost. it's extraordinary how bad this is, how evil this is and the
7:22 pm
wrath that he has imposed on so many people shep, thank you. we're going to hear from you live at midnight. thank you, shep. >> greta: for more on the capture of the 19-year-old bombing suspect, fox news correspondent mike tobin joins us. mike, what did you see? >> i saw a responsible taken yusz celebration break out here. spontaneous parade, if you will. the people lined either side of the street. you can see mof the remnants behind me. you see the american flags waving and people cheer for the . they made a gauntlet and as the emergency vehicles started streaming out they started heing for members of the s.w.a.t. team andtical team, all the police officers and paramedics that was part of this effort. it's outpouring of support for what they did. in the lead up to that, we saw
7:23 pm
people crowding around a radio, listening to developments. as they heard something they liked, they let out a big cheer. one of the things that got a cheer on out of the people is the fact that this individual was taken alive. that may surprise i. there are some people they would rather see it all get ended and never have to deal witness and never go through a messy trial. one thing the are interested, the fact that this individual lived through this is the fact they can find out what else he knew, what else he was involved in. who else may possibly connected in the future as all the details from this investigation sift out. one other thing that i got from the crowd out here. they thought that now is the time to start thinking about that mitt campus police officer who lost his life through this and transit officer that recovering in the hospital. it's time to start thinking
7:24 pm
about the people who were hurt in this process. other than that what we saw out here was a spontaneous parade, a spontaken us just out burst of emotion. gratitude they could finally get out of the house. >> greta: i've been covering this since it started. behind me is the finish line of the marathon and people were happy to find out he was taken alive. one thing we need to think about the enormous amount of goodwill in the city. when you think about all the people that rushed in to help as the bombs eloxpded. the medical personnel that saved the lives and deal with the unthinkable. the nurses and doctors and then, of course, you have entire city looking for this. law enforcement and prosecutors and police officers. it is unbelievable how many people joined in to try to catch this guy and put this horrible
7:25 pm
nighare behind them. of course, for many people the nightmare has only begun. family members are dead and they have to learn how to walk for those that lost limbs. its horrible tragedy. a lot of evil, mike at least tonight, the nightmare fee like it is over. >> reporter: it was pretty interesting, t w it can be summed up is something that happened to me here standing on the street corner. nehing that threw an elbow into my ribs, watching the celebration, that is boston, eh? >> greta: it's excitement, it's been put to rest, taken into custody. the healing has to begin for the other heartache what he did. thank you. and taking the surviving suspect where police confronted
7:26 pm
both suspects in an explosive fire fight last night. one watertown resident caught in the chaos and amazingly he got caught up in it tonight. >> second part of this is that -- i just really [ bleep ], [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> that is it. they got him. they got him. that is it. >> greta: joins us with the terrifying the story, you got last night and today. start with last night. what did you see last night?
7:27 pm
>> last night, i driven back from southern new jersey for work and arrived at watertown. didn't know obviously the events were going to come to watertown but found myself in a situation i went out to my car to get my suitcase. i heard a bomb go off behind me. i immediately gunfire. at the time given where the bomb had gone off, it was easier for me to jump in my car and leave the house then try to get in my house. it was a difficult situation. because i left the house, that was last night. tonight was a different story. being in back of the house. we had a ban on leaving. it was.
7:28 pm
you knew something was big going down. residents of east watertown kind of knew the authorities were centering right there. i happen to capture that video. as i was actually walking again to try to get my to my car to leave watertown. that happened. >> greta: what was the levy of fear and terror? can you describe it or put it in words? >> i don't know if it was fear or terror. we were tense the whole time. it was obvious that the law enforcement was there at a level just the amount of law enforcement in watertown was impressive. earlier in the day, swat had come into my apartment, did a room by room search. they did a perimeter search around my house. it was clear that they were working very hard to track down
7:29 pm
where this second suspect was hiding. >> greta: how far was the house with the boat behind it from your home? >> about 200 yards. it was right down -- it was right next-door. gunshots are very loud in person. it was too close. >> greta: so how do you describe how you feel tonight? >> it is mixed emotions. thoughts are with people that have suffered great loss and people that are struggling with injuries that were sustained and the families that have loved ones that are hurt. in watertown, it's a gigantic relief. i'm very proud to be from
7:30 pm
boston. i feel kind of honored to be from boston to be honest. >> greta: as i look at it, i am so happy for the people of water town but then i think of the people in hospitals watching this. week ago they were participating in a marathon and tonight they have to learn to walk with a prosthesis. as people applaud tonight we have to remember this is really an ongoing problem and tragedy and something that is going to effect others forever. many of us go through it for a couple days, but this is really destroyed a lot of lives. i sort of feel mixed feelings and i suspect you feel a little bit that way? >> very much so. you can't be from boston and not have some sort of memory with the born marathon, whether you are a runner or runners in the family or just go there because
7:31 pm
it's a rite of passage to bring in spring. boston is such a close-knit community, the stories are very real. personal connections with people that were injured, people that have died. it's that size city at some point everybody kind of ends up knowing each other in some way. i'm not sure i would have seen that or known that quite this degree before this tragedy, definitely thoughts are with people that are suffering right now as well as a residents of watertown and huge relief that the first suspect has been killed and second suspect is in custody. >> greta: do you wonder how can
7:32 pm
they be so evil? they are young men. one in custody tonight granted asylum here in the united states. then he became a citizen last september 11th, you think of all the outreach to americans to give people asylum. then he does something like this. it's difficult for me to understand how people can be that cruel? >> there is. there certainly is. there is a lot of cruelty in the world. the thing that strikes me right now no matter the darkest moments is people that rush in there to help. people to help others when they are struggling. we saw that. you saw it in the video at the end of the marathon. those first responders and the police there. they were at the second blast.
7:33 pm
they were rushing towards those victims. the people that help the victims not knowing, not necessarily having a medical background, but they helped out and today in watertown, seen the police do what they did. law enforcement was very impressive. people in watertown are very relieved and th there is some rejoicing. there will always be people that help. >> greta: it's the people of boston and police down to the medical and citizens that have helped and endured this, al, thank you very much. after a massive manhunt, police tracking down dzhokar tsarnaev do to a boat.
7:34 pm
how did they do that. mark fuhrman joins us. they almost did a surgical operation. he a alive, in custody, but it certainly was a great operation tonight, wasn't it? >> it certainly was. most of my questions since this perimeter was set up was it large enough and did the suspect before he was able to get outside the perimeter and was there enough personnel to seal it up. answer to both those questions is obviously yet. i have a feeling that he got as far as he could until the perimeter started closing in and he found that bet on. >> greta: what i don't understand, i hope in the days and weeks to come -- that this bombing was planned obviously. they had to make the bomb. they had to figure out a way to deliver them. they had to drop them and get
7:35 pm
out of there, but they stuck around. they didn't flee. this is their neighborhood, town and city. they never left. they never made a plan to get away. to me that is baffling. >> greta, i would agree. he can but i'm not sure he is going to answer that question. they didn't deploy all the ordinance at the marathon so i expect they were planning to do another location. i don't think they counted on the f.b.i. investigation and surveillance videos and ability to start looking at multiple photographs and actually narrow down to both those individuals planting those bombs. i don't think they counted on that. >> greta: we're not going to get away with it once the video surfaced because those are plastered across the country. everybody saw those videos.
7:36 pm
everybody was ready to call in a tip. those videos i think -- i thought it was smart of the f.b.i. to release them. they know the media would run with them. maybe you agree with me, they should have gotten out them earlier. he was taken into custody alive. we got some questions. what do you want to ask this guy tonight? >> certainly i would like to know exactly how he was recruited. it seems like his brother radicalized him. he seemed to be on path to be a productive citizen in this country. there has to be a mentor. there has to be a trainer. there has to be a contact in this country or with the brother going back to russia. there has to be a contact. there has to be a link. this is not domestic terrorism. this is international terrorism.
7:37 pm
it is jihadist extremists and comes from russia and the middle east. that is the most important part of this whole equation. is there anybody here that assisted them? any way? is there anybody that knew what they were doing? one thing that really baffles me the f.b.i. two years ago talked to the older brother on a request from another country that he was an extremist, possibly dangerous. they had to keep the information and keep the name. you would think during this exact incident putting anything into a database would have kicked out his name. >> greta: they might have been looking for him. that is reason to release the video. >> i agree. >> greta: they had to find him. >> i agree.
7:38 pm
okay, thanks, greta. >> greta: 102 hours, that is how much time passed between the capture of the suspect. he a registered student at dartmouth. eric sean joins us. what is the news. >> the process that mark was telling us about is now ongoing at this moment in new bedford, massachusetts. that is where authorities have taken into custody three apparent college students, college aged students, two men and a woman that live in a dormitory rental complex associated with the university of massachusetts at darted mouth. that is the college where joe attended classes -- dzhokar tsarnaev attended classes. three people that were his roommates. they are not under arrest. apparently it's only for
7:39 pm
questioning and the like. obviously the big question is, how did this young man who just a few years ago got a scholarship at a prestigious on us on high school in the boston area. how was he on the wrestling team and having friends. we talked his friends earlier today. 42 hung around and smoked pot and listen to rap music and hung around like other teenagers. what was the transformation? what was the trigger. how did he transform into a alleged islamic jihad terrorists that wanted to killed the infidels which are americans and wound up in massachusetts general hospital after a desperate manhunt and fire fight that occurred earlier today. that is one of the questions that this country, a nation will have to face as mark was discussing the internet and influence of jihadists and young people in america. that is one challenge we face
7:40 pm
now. it ended up in the hospital bed here with this tragedy that has happened here. as of right now the three potential students, not under arrest, in custody as authorities now to start the process of tracking back to find out more about him. by the way, there we understand people cheering. we hear this right now. some of the sirens honking a lot of gratitude and relief tonight. by the way, one more point, i talked to ed davis who is the police commissioner of boston, are any members of dzhokar tsarnaev's family come forward. they secured a house earlier today. there is an extended family in the area and commissioner if they have any record of the authorities receiving any tips after the videos were released, yeah, we know them. they are our sons and cousins, they are members of our families. police commissioner at boston
7:41 pm
tonight tells me they did not hear anything. >> greta: one quick question. you say they are in custody. you can bring someone in for questioning or you can go out -- did the police say they are in custody. did they use the term custody. >> reporter: the term is being reported is in custody but not under arrest. there may be some legal maneuverings going on. that is the exact term we have here tonight. >> greta: that is the terminology they may be using but prosecutors may be concerned about that. eric, thank you. straight ahead, live news coverage, they capture the teen suspect alive. we'll be right back, stay with us. we've got much more coming up including the sister of these two boys. ♪ [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything.
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>>. >> greta: the police got him. 19-year-old accused bomber is now in custody. the tsarnaev brother's here living for over a decade. were they on anybody's radar? telling me about the background of these two. >> the background of these people were basically under the radar. f.b.i. actually had been asked in 2011 to take a look at the older brother, but the younger brother was out of left field here. there was no record, friends and people who knew him said he was nice, quiet person. it comes a bit of a surprise to authorities. >> greta: why did he come to the united states? i know the younger one was granted asylum and i assume something similar for the older brother. do you know why they came to the united states? >> the family had been fleeing chechnya and moved around a
7:47 pm
little bit when they came in the early '90s but it is still unclear. >> greta: no evidence either one had been radicalized or any of them ranting about the united states or any signals at all? >> sometimes they may have felt some kind of anger or some kind of aggression. overall, it seems benign. they seem like normal people. >> greta: viewers are looking at the picture of the brother who was taken into custody. you can see he is injured on a stretcher. dan yil, the country that asked the united states to look into the older brother, has that country been identified, if not, why not? >> it hasn't been identified to the best of our knowledge right now. what we do know is they asked to check in him because he was said to have some kind of connection with some kind of rad catholicized group.
7:48 pm
he may have some contact with them but it is still unclear. >> greta: do we know how much follow through we did? did our government make a phone call. did they go out and see him? was there an aggressive investigation? >> we know the f.b.i. didn't make too much of aggressive investigation into this. they looked into it and he seemed all right and they backed off. >> greta: was the older brother a citizens like the younger brother? >> that i can't tell you. i can tell you that the younger brother became a citizen in cement of last year. as of right now, i'm not sure. >> greta: daniel, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, more live coverage from here at boston. suspect is in custody but the bombing investigation is far from over. we're getting news in constantly throughout the hour. stay with us. latest is coming up next. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way.
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>>. >> greta: live picture out of boston commons, impromptu celebration under way there. cheers across the street around the city. they are celebrating the capture of marathon bombing suspect. mike tobin is live with an update. i can tell you down at the finish line, where i am a lot of
7:53 pm
people celebrating. you are a couple blocks from the boat. tell me what the neighborhood is doing there. >> the celebration couple hours after they watched the emergency crews get out of there. the celebration is starting to die down. what you happened, a spontaneous parade. people lined either side of the road, they waved flags and sang patriotic songs it was as spontaneous as any celebration i've seen. they are expressing was gratitude to the tactical teams, to the police officers, to the state troopers who came out and put themselves at risk and got a relatively quick resolution to this. gratitude among other things for the fact that the suspect for among other things that the suspect did survive. there was some people that thought they wanted to finish it off in two nights and be done
7:54 pm
with it but the notion definitely they want him to go to trial and find out who he is connected to. if there are other loose ends out there they want fined out about him. start thinking about sean collier, the mit police officer that lost his life and the other police officer now recovering at the hospital at the moment. they want to start thinking about people so badly hurt throughout the course of this, injured and lost their lives, there at the finish line in this marathon. now it's time to reflect on that. it's also time to be glad that the threat is over, they can go back to their normal lives here, greta. >> we have another live hour coverage and we're trying to get information on the condition of the second suspect. the one taken into custody. i'm curious what he is going
7:55 pm
to say. i'm going to hear -- i hope to hear about his condition and there will be questioned in the next few days. it's interesting how when when we're first here monday it's like a ghost town, now, we can see more cars i don't know if it's just friday night in boston but it feels different now that he's in custody because i say -- this threat has been weighing over the city for good reason. he did kill. what happened to that 26-year-old police officer it's just terrible tragedy. but mike, thank you. and note to viewers we're getting new information about this bombing suspect. our live coverage here will continue. stay with us for a second hour of on the record we're going to get more information and we'll be right back. [ tires screech ] [ beeping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles.
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